Examinations: Tear Analysis

Tear analysis is a way to examine the tear film that coats your eyes. It will take about five minutes.

How does it work?

We use the Slit Lamp and you sit in the examination chair with your head in the headstand.

Dr. Bender will stain your eyes with dyes. He uses green and yellow colored dye to determine if you have dryness over the white of your eyes or on the front surface of your eyes. In order to measure your tear function, he will also watch your blink rate and how the yellow dye floats across the cornea.

Then Dr. Bender makes a test without the Slit Lamp. He places small paper strips on your lower eyelid so that tears will wet the paper. This gives him an idea of your tear quantity.

Please note!

Before this examination you will get drops put into your eyes. The color dye may mildly sting, but will quickly fade away.

Afterwards you may have yellow dye around your eyelids, which comes off with water. You must rinse your eyes before inserting contact lenses.